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2022 ORIS PRO PILOT X CALIBRE 400 GREY DIAL 39MM 01-400-7778-7153

Step into a world where timekeeping meets innovation with the 2022 Oris Pro Pilot X Calibre 400 Grey Dial (Reference 01-400-7778-7153)—a timepiece that embodies the spirit of daring exploration and...
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CIRCA 2021 ORIS AQUIS DATE 43.5MM 01 733 7730 4157-07 8 24 05PEB

Dive beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary with the 2021 Oris Aquis Date. This 43.5mm timepiece isn't just a watch; it's a tribute to the mysteries of the deep,...
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Venture into the heart of the ocean's whisper with the 2017 Oris Aquis Limited Edition Clipperton. This isn't just a timepiece; it's a 43.5mm ode to the mystical Clipperton Island,...
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2023 ORIS BIG CROWN POINTER DATE 40MM 01 754 7741 8 20

Introducing the 2023 Oris Big Crown Pointer Date, model 01 754 7741 8 20. This elegant timepiece is a modern interpretation of Oris's iconic pilot's watch, combining vintage charm with...
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Dive into a world where timekeeping converges with ecological reverence in the 2019 Oris Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition. This isn't merely a watch; it's a 43.5mm homage to the ocean's...
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2023 ORIS AQUIS DATE 41.5MM 01 733 7766 4150

The 2023 Oris Aquis Date 41.5mm 01 733 7766 4150 is a stylish diver's watch. This watch combines sporty style with classic luxury.The 41.5mm stainless steel case and ceramic-inserted uni-directional...
Oris, a company that prides itself on upholding the traditions of Swiss mechanical watchmaking, is located in the bustling centre of the watch industry. Oris epitomises the seamless marriage of precision and enthusiasm thanks to nearly a century's worth of experience in the watchmaking industry. The admirers of timepieces all throughout the world can thank WatchCraze for introducing them to the splendour that is Oris timepieces. Enter the realm of Oris along with us, and you will learn about the allure that withstands the test of time.

From Holstein to the Rest of the World: One Hundred Years of Oris Since its founding in 1904 in Holstein, Switzerland, Oris has been producing timepieces that are really "for the people." A century's worth of watchmaking expertise is reflected in each and every watch produced by the brand; this is true whether the timepiece in question is an elegant dress watch or a rugged diving instrument.

Strictly Mechanistic and Enthusiastically Oris
Oris has never wavered in its dedication to producing mechanical clocks, despite the growing popularity of quartz and digital watches in recent years. Each and every one of Oris's timepieces serves as living proof of the company's commitment to the age-old craft of watchmaking.

The Oris Collections Allow You to Dive, Fly, and Compete
Oris pushes the limits of what is possible with collections such as the Aquis, ProPilot, and Motorsport lines. There is an Oris waiting to be your dependable companion, no matter if you're an explorer venturing into the depths of the water, a pilot taming the sky, or a racer tearing up the track.

Why Should You Purchase Your Oris Expedition from WatchCraze?
WatchCraze isn't simply an online store; it's also a community for those who are passionate about watches. Every time you make a purchase from our carefully selected inventory of Oris watches, you will receive a piece of the superior craftsmanship that is synonymous with Switzerland.

Oris's Commitment to Making the Future a Better Place
Oris is a fervent supporter of environmental concerns, which is appropriate given the deep connection the company has to the natural world. Every Oris watch is a statement in support of a more sustainable and brighter future, from the protection of coral reefs to the promotion of clean oceans.

The final word
A trip through the history of watchmaking can be had by participating in the Oris experience. This is more than just a watch brand. It's about appreciating the past while welcoming the present and the future. We here at WatchCraze would like to extend an invitation to you to join us on this entrancing adventure, which will unfold one tick at a time. Explore the full variety of Oris watches that we have available here, and put a piece of Swiss accuracy and history on your wrist.
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