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As for many years, Tudor watches has always been overshadowed by Rolex, its bigger sibling brand. Tudor is currently making a comeback and rising to the top of watch enthusiasts' favourite brands’ lists. The brand is gaining popularity and is being hailed as one of the hottest brands in the market at a much more affordable price point for many as a result of the launch of its Heritage line.

Is a Tudor watch a wise investment? and how well do the watches hold their value? If you want to decide whether you should invest in this brand, the information that follows should help.

The Reason Why Tudor Is so Well-known

The Tudor brand's present success can be dated all the way back to 2012 when the company reinvented itself in North America. Tudor chose to return to its roots and take inspiration from its antique models from the pioneering collection after a previously difficult period.

These watches are exceptionally well-made and often have in-house movements when it comes to design. The timepieces are extremely well-liked by collectors and enthusiasts alike because they are both efficient and fashionable.

Essentially, the fact that Tudor watches offer Rolex-designed quality at a significantly lower price is likely the main factor behind their popularity. Now that owning a luxury timepiece is considerably more realistic, investors and collectors are turning to both older pieces and modern ones.

What Tudor Watch Is the Best Investment?

After determining whether a Tudor watch is a wise purchase, the next step is to think about the specific watches and features you should keep an eye out for. Here are some of our suggestions:

Snowflake Vintage

These timepieces were given to Marine National (the French Navy), where they later served as tool watches for the French Armed Forces. The Snowflake Submariner was marketed as a more affordable alternative to the Submariners made by Rolex because, despite being primarily a diver's watch, it was nonetheless stylish enough for everyday use.

Smile Dial

When buying a Tudor Black Bay watch, one of the key characteristics to consider is whether the timepiece actually smiles at you. In other words, the last phrase at the bottom of the face is bent to resemble a smile.

The original ETA models produced watches with this particular design feature, which makes them considerably more valuable. Later versions, which are less appealing, just have all the letters in a straight line.

Coke Bezel

Here, the bezel is red on one side and black on the other. There has been a significant market for Tudor GMT watches, which have drawn comparisons to the legendary Pepsi and Coke Rolex models.

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Does a Tudor Watch Hold Value?

A lot of people are interested in Tudor watches because they are a well-known brand. Since Tudor is a luxury brand, and watches are luxury goods, their worth will be maintained.

Will Tudors Go Up in Value?

The price of classic Tudor watches has increased significantly over the last 10 years.

What Tudor Watch Is the Most Sought-after?

Essentially, the GMT has become one of Tudor's most sought-after models.

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