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The WatchCraze in-house warranty is only valid once the original warranty has expired. If the original or manufacturer's warranty is still active, the WatchCraze in-house warranty does not apply.

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The 2021 Tudor Pelagos FXD Blue Dial 42mm, model 25707B/21, is an extraordinary embodiment of innovation and functionality, representing a pinnacle in Tudor’s renowned Pelagos series. This model is not just a dive watch but a remarkable fusion of advanced technology, distinctive design, and specialized features tailored for the most demanding underwater explorers and watch aficionados.

Uniquely constructed from titanium, the 42mm case of the Pelagos FXD is a marvel in itself. Titanium is chosen for its superior strength and lightness, offering unparalleled durability and comfort, especially in the demanding environment of deep-sea diving. The 'FXD' signifies a unique feature in the watch’s design - fixed lugs that are integrated into the case. This design enhances the overall structural integrity and ensures a more secure fit of the strap, a critical element in professional diving scenarios.

The watch's dial is a captivating deep blue, a signature hue that is not just visually striking but also functionally significant. This specific shade of blue has been meticulously selected for its clarity and visibility in the diverse lighting conditions of the underwater world. The dial is adorned with oversized luminescent markers and distinctive hands, ensuring legibility at great depths.

A standout feature of the Pelagos FXD is its bezel. Crafted with a ceramic insert, the bezel is not only scratch-resistant but also features a luminescent coating on its graduations. This design ensures that divers can accurately monitor their dive times, even in the low-light conditions of the deep sea.

At its core, the Pelagos FXD houses a self-winding mechanical movement known for its precision and robustness, reflecting Tudor's dedication to creating movements that withstand the rigors of extreme conditions.

The strap of the Pelagos FXD is as unique as the watch itself, possibly crafted from a cutting-edge material or featuring a bespoke design. This strap is built for resilience and adaptability, able to withstand the harsh elements of the sea while providing comfort and flexibility on the wrist.

Water-resistant and engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the 2021 Tudor Pelagos FXD Blue Dial 42mm 25707B/21 transcends its status as a mere diving tool. It stands as a testament to Tudor’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what a dive watch can be, offering a unique blend of technical mastery, innovative design, and uncompromising functionality. This watch is a true icon for those who seek a timepiece that combines exceptional performance with a bold, distinctive aesthetic.








Sapphire Crystal


20 ATM 


70 Hours 










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