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Unleash your individuality with the 2022 Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Green SAXEM 42mm 642.JG.0190.RT. This groundbreaking timepiece stands at the intersection of high-tech innovation and avant-garde design, representing Hublot's relentless pursuit of excellence and creativity.

Visionary Design and Pioneering Materials:
The Spirit of Big Bang Green SAXEM is a masterpiece of material science and design. Its 42mm case is crafted from SAXEM (Sapphire Aluminum oXide and rare Earth Mineral), a pioneering material known for its incredible hardness and radiant green hue. Typically reserved for cutting-edge applications in the aerospace industry, SAXEM gives this watch a luminescent quality that’s truly out of this world. The polished tonneau-shaped case refracts light in a way that creates a mesmerizing emerald glow, ensuring you stand out in any crowd. The open-worked dial reveals the watch’s intricate mechanics, framed by the dazzling green SAXEM case that exudes both strength and sophistication.

Precision Engineering and Superior Performance:
At its heart, the HUB4700 automatic chronograph movement powers this extraordinary timepiece. This high-frequency movement, operating at 5 Hz (36,000 vibrations per hour), ensures precise timekeeping and the smooth operation of the chronograph function. The skeletonized dial provides a captivating view of the movement's complex inner workings, from the column wheel chronograph to the meticulously aligned gear train. With a power reserve of 50 hours, the Spirit of Big Bang Green SAXEM combines reliability with stunning visual appeal.

Exquisite Aesthetics and Detailed Craftsmanship:
The green SAXEM case is paired with a unique transparent rubber strap, enhancing the watch’s futuristic and avant-garde design while ensuring ultimate comfort and durability. The luminescent hands and hour markers on the dial offer excellent visibility in any lighting condition, and the chronograph sub-dials are strategically positioned to maintain the dial’s balance and readability. The transparent strap seamlessly integrates with the case, emphasizing the watch’s modern and innovative aesthetic.

Distinctive Features and Unmatched Innovation:
The Spirit of Big Bang Green SAXEM’s unique use of SAXEM material offers not only unmatched scratch resistance but also a vibrant, enduring color that won’t fade over time. The transparent case back provides an unobstructed view of the HUB4700 movement, showcasing Hublot’s dedication to transparency and craftsmanship. With water resistance up to 100 meters, this timepiece is as functional as it is striking.

The 2022 Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Green SAXEM 42mm 642.JG.0190.RT transcends conventional watchmaking; it’s a bold statement of individuality, innovation, and artistic expression. For those who appreciate the fusion of cutting-edge technology and distinctive design, this timepiece is the ultimate symbol of personal style and horological excellence. Elevate your collection with this exceptional creation and experience the pinnacle of modern watchmaking.
























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